R.I.P Neil Peart


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I'm in utter shock as I write this. The Professor is gone at age 67. Brain cancer.

I'm speechless...


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No. No no no no no no!

He was by far my major influence. Discovered him just after I started playing way back in the 1970s.

My world will never be the same.

RIP Neil.


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I am beyond devastated..........

Confirmed by the band themselves


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well. I am done. No reason to go on. He was pretty much the driving force of my being what I am today...

I knew this was coming, but figured it would be another 10 years.

Hearts out to Lerxt and Bytor, and all of Rush nation!!!



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Wow! Neil Peart was my first inspiration as a teenager in the late 70s just getting serious on the drums. I eventually moved on to jazz but always remembered that influential album, "Exit Stage Left". The YYZ transcription I posted I didn't quite figure out until years later, after realizing I had it wrong for a couple of decades. Not grossly wrong, but wrong nonetheless. But the birth of that transcription came from hours rewinding a microcassette recorder on slow speed LOL.

Anyway, I first saw Rush in concert at the Birmingham Civic Center in the late 80s. Then a second and last time at the Portland Moda Center in 2015 for their R40 Tour.

R.I.P. Neil Peart!


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This is truly shocking and sad. I've been a huge fan for over 40 years. A year or two back I said a couple of things about Neil on this forum I truly regret now. A true professional. I feel for his wife and Daughter. Plus, I believe both his parents are still living. All that tragedy in the late 90's and now this. Such a sad situation.