R.I.P. Chico Hamilton


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Terrible news. One of the great masters.

We talk a lot about how Max played drums "melodically," but Chico was also a great innovator in this regard.

RIP, Chico.

Bo Eder

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I have two vinyl albums from the 50s with that man playing drums. I learned how to play brushes by playing along with that guy. I think you can see through the record!

He will be missed! Go forth, Chico!

Mike Stand

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Almost 200 views but only 5 posts on this thread?

Chico might not have been as high profile as some other drummers but he merits more than 5 posts.

You had your own style Chico. Hats off to you and rest in peace.

Jeff Almeyda

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God Bless Chico.

The list of drummers living that actually played during the big band era is shrinking every day. Very soon, that era will have no first-hand observers left. Kind of sad, when you see how much fun the era seemed to be.