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The Ozzy albums re-releases in 2011 (I believe) with LK's drumming back in. Sharon was the one who couldn't stand Lee.
Well, no, she can't.

Lee and Bob Daisley sueed Sharon and Ozzy (several times I think). And that was Sharon's reaction to their lawsuit. I agree it was sacrilege and just wrong. But I suspect there thinking was they would stop suing her if they weren't on the albums anymore. Ozzy claims he didn'tknow (which is hard to believe) and regardless, they were eventually restored on the 30th Anniverssary releases.

The replacement was certainly an ugly moment in music.

Ozzy and Lee stopped getting along on tour. Both sides, of course, give a completely different story as to what happened. And Lee has contended forever that Ozzy and Sharon screwed him (which they probably did), but he's never been able to prove it in court.
Bob Daisley also contends Ozzy and Sharon screwed him as well, as he got fired at the same time Lee did, but Daisely went back to Ozzy numerous times, on and off all through the 80's through 1991. So I question just how bad did he get screwed if he kept going back over and over again for more.

There is a video interview of Lee from last year or so where he says he and Ozzy have made peace with each other via the mail. Though they still never talked to each other.


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Lee Kerslake’s contribution on those first two Ozzy albums can never be denied; although there was an attempt to do just that! The shameful 2002 reissues which replaced Lee’s original drum parts with new parts by Mike Bordin must go down as one of the most shameful, spiteful acts in rock history. For this reason I found Ozzy’s Facebook message particularly hard to swallow:

"It’s been 39 years since I’ve seen Lee but he lives for ever on the records he played on for me, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. Lee Kerslake RIP"

I’m glad that at least Ozzy granted his dying wish in 2019 to finally get platinum disc awards for those albums.

RIP Lee. 👏 😔
the above is one of the many reasons I quit listening to Ozzy after Ultimate Sin....the truth was coming out back then about how much of a non-musician he was (and more of a "front" to Sharon's greed machine), and how truly evil he and Sharon were.

and also why I avoid remastered/reissued editions of anything at all costs...streaming makes that hard to do....

on the flip-side, Blizzard and Diary are foundational albums to my beginnings as a drummer and bass player. I spent many a night in my room as a tween and teen learning those bass and drum parts...still influencing and motivating me to this day

RIP Kerslake!!


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The last interview Lee did (it's short).

You can see he's in very poor shape, but he's amazing positive in his attitude.