Quiz: Can you name the drum brand by their badge?


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13/13 too easy..... many place names on the badges were a giveaway.

A neat one would be to guess the drum maker by its lug styles


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9/13 - looks like I get to wear the forum dunce cap...

I managed to click Pearl for the Yamaha badge and knew I'd screwed up as soon as I'd done it - how did I get that one wrong?

I know that Kent.,Leedy, Fibes, US Mercury and a few others were drum manufacturers but I had to guess and click at random - so the ones that I actually know are probably closer to 7 (I knew the Yamaha badge - honest guv).


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Holy Smokes! 12/13!! I missed the WFL for a keystone Luddy. Figured I'd get the Yammie and flub the rest. Whoo Hooo!