Quiet kick practice - mesh head or practice pad


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For practicing without bothering my wife too much, I'm happy with the Vic Firth pads I have on my toms and cymbals, and the HQ practice pad on top of my snare. Not so much with the kick; it's still a bit loud and having a thick pad on the front makes it feel like I'm flamming every bass hit. It basically occurs to me that I could get a beater bass drum and slap on a mesh had for not too much more money than most bass drum practice pads go for.

Which is likely to be quieter, and which has better feel? Any thoughts on the matter, or recommendations of specific hardware?


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yes, mesh heads are fine. I would recommend buying from a shop in germany, but I have a feeling you are in the US and can probably find a head internally. try searching out heads made by Hart, specifically their newer magnum range. it has a good feel and doesn't feel like a tennis racket, much closer to a usual synthetic skin. it's possible for you to build your own small kick with baseplate if you so like. otherwise you may find something cheap on eBay. otherwise just buy a full size mesh head & use it on your kit.