Quick torque Cam mini review


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I recently had seen a few postings about the quick torque spring cam in this and another forum,you can check it out here http://eccentricsystems.com/eccentricsys_004.htm

Anyway I decided to try it and this is my impression.

I tried it with my first wave Iron Cobra power glide,mine was the first half year that they were made,the product does what it says,I can do some things quicker,and cleaner,I can't explain how the Cam works,but it seems to give me better control,for instance when I am called to feather the BD,the Cobra used to be hard to control the accelerated cam on the cobra would make me strike to hard,or make me hit to early,with the QT cam I can feather much more accurately,and generally have better control of the rebound whether playing soft or hard.

When I set the beater angle I noticed that when set for the fastest response the beater was closer to the head than I would normally set it,but I had no loss of power.After I tinkered and tweaked it a little bit I was able to suss it out pretty quickly and test out different settings with not a lot of fuss.

I would also like to say that I had a problem installing mine on my first wave IC,(I am also mechanically challenged) in frustration and wrote the owner Lucas Jacobsen a "terse" E mail and he responded quickly and wanted to make sure I was happy with the product,we set up a time for me to call him and he walked me through it and was patient while I installed it and we got it going pretty quickly despite my best efforts to the contrary.

Excellent customer care/service on his part.

I realize that BD pedals are an extremely personal thing due to a myriad of variables,but I
like this product and am very happy with the performance,and the owner,Lucas was a pleasure to do business with,I will be getting another one for my IC rolling glide.