Quick response appreciated. Question about cracked ride

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I have no experience with cracked cymbals.

I just found these on ebay:

Meinl Byzance Heavy Ride Traditional Cymbal 20" $134

Meinl Byzance Medium Ride Brilliant Cymbal 21" $147

Meinl Byzance Medium Ride Traditional Cymbal 22" $163

Meinl Byzance Medium Ride Traditional Cymbal 24" $184

With the cracks these rides are heavily discounted, they range from $310 - $380 new.

I am in the process of upgrading from my beginner set of Sabian B8s and would appreciate some opinions on these cracks. Like I said, I don't know anything about cracked cymbals, but I would guess that a cracked ride is not as bad as a cracked crash as far as longevity goes.


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Buyer beware.

Sometimes cracks can be stopped by drilling. Othertimes they'll continue to crack straight through the drilled hole.
Cracks to the sound edge can also be professionally cut out. Sometimes the cymbal retains a nice tone, othertimes it doesn't.

Personally, I'd baulk. I would never lay down money for a damaged cymbal........way too many unknowns.


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Save your money and buy an un-cracked used cymbal.
You will be putting good money after bad if you buy a cracked pie.


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Those cracks are not trivial, and the last 3 are just MASSIVE. I would not go anywhere near these cymbals for that kind of money (they're practically worthless). I'll be surprised if they sell and pity the buyer if they do.

You could spend that kind of money on used cymbals that aren't cracked.


Real shame too because without those cracks they'd be lovely cymbals!


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Save your money and buy an un-cracked used cymbal.
You will be putting good money after bad if you buy a cracked pie.

Save your money for one great cymbal (used is a good option here if the cymbal is undamaged)! Then start saving for your next great cymbal. Great sounding cymbals that are well made can last for decades.



If I had a lathe, an anvil and a hammer I'd consider buying these. Sadly, I don't although I can dream.


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First thought: Music123 is selling those cracked pieces of poo... at THOSE prices?! good heavens, they're worth about $100 for the lot of them!

Second thought: Who would buy a beautiful (and PRICEY) pie like that, and then play it in such a way to crack it... breaks the heart.


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My question here is ...why isn't Byzance taking them back and replaceing them?

Also important here is Music 123's business practices .I would stay away from them.There was a thread here a while ago about the OP buying damaged drums from Music 123,and their unwillingness to take then back.

More OT.Stay away from damaged cymbals,unless you are, or know a cymbalsmith.

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