Quick question on a riveted cymbal


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Hello please help I maybe able to get a good deal on a HHX Ride here, although it does have holes drilled into it for rivets.
There are 4 to 6 holes around the edge not cracking or anything. Will this make the cymbal sound different (having these holes) ??
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Also there are no rivets in the ride just the holes..

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I doubt it.The only way to tell for sure would have been to listen to it before the holes were there.Rivited cymbals were very common years ago.

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The holes normally have no effect on the sound but in some cases you can get the same
sound out of the cymbal at a slightly quieter level than you could before drilling. I just drilled
a 20" bosphorous last week with 8 holes so I could play it more quietly. It's always a gamble, but it worked. You can still play just as loud. This is a very subtle change and I know
others that have done this to make quieter playing possible. Some people won't pay as much
for a cymbal with holes though but I'm keeping all my cymbals and don't care. It's all about
the sound. I've drilled a lot of ride cymbals and have heard this before/after many times.
You basically can't hear any change in the sound.
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Six holes is quite a few. If they're close to the edge (sorry, song reference fans) then there is a slight risk of cracking because of the removal of material. More than a couple of inches from the edge and you're most likely fine.

Two of my cymbals are drilled for rivets. My 20" and 21" Agop rides are both drilled and they sound great. I can't hear a discernible difference the 'before' and 'after' and I'm not a heavy player so I have no worries about cracking. It just gives me the option to rivet the cymbal if I choose to. Six holes would make something of a difference but not much and the basic character will be the same, just a little lighter and probably easier to open up with lighter playing.