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I'm getting Ready for a Cymbal upgrade. Back in the mid 80s I used to have a set of Quick Beats. I loved these hats.

There are always quite a few going on eBay so getting a pair isn't a problem.

I want to get something that is practical. I remember liking these hats, but times change, playing in a top-40 band in the eighties isn't the greatest touchstone. How versatile are they really. I guess I ask this because when I went to Zildjian to check them out, there are not a whole lot of their artists using them. Like three! If they are as good as I remember why aren't more people using them.

Was hoping to get some feedback. Pros - Cons - etc..


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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the New Beats are kinda the all around standard. They are awfully good.


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I have vintage New Beats, amazing sound, but my drum teacher uses quick beats and she says they are awesome, they kinda just NB's with holes on the bottom i think


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I have vintage New Beats, amazing sound, but my drum teacher uses quick beats and she says they are awesome, they kinda just NB's with holes on the bottom i think
Pretty much. They're close. I used to play with a band that had a set of the Quick Beats on the kit (that guitar player owned A LOT of gear...) I actually prefer the New Beats; they just feel different somehow. The Quick Beats did have a really strong chick sound though due to the air holes on the bottom, and if I remember correctly, the bottom hat isn't bowed very much at all. That might contribute a little to the sound difference.

If you want the best of both worlds, I suppose you could get some New Beats (always on eBay too) and drill some Quick Beat-style holes in the bottom hat. Or find someone you trust to do it.


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Apart from the bottom cymbal, the top on a QB is medium-heavy in weight, where the NB is just medium, so the QBs feel significantly heavier than NBs.

I play NBs, but I used to use a NB top over a QB bottom. That's a really cool combo. Too bad I sold that bottom QB; I wish I still had it.


If you liked the QBs back in the day, ...I'm sure you'll like them now ....

Heavy, crisp, ...nice "chick" .......can't lose! ;)


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i have a pair of 14" quickbeats i love. i've been playing them for probably 10 years. they're very versitile -- i've played rock, funk, jazz, etc. -- but are particularly great as a pair of rock hats. they cut through really nicely and have a high feq. "chik" but aren't overwhelming. they aren't the best jazzy sizzle sound, or big metal sound but perfect all around.

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Try to find an older pair of Quick Beats if you can. Here's why...

I got a pair as a present from my parents back around '92-'94 and I loved and still love them. They're so smooth sounding....great "chick", nice and clean when closed, and wonderfully sloshy when opened. They'll go loud if you want them to, but also sound great at lower volumes. Truly great in any and all situations I used them in. I was honestly scared of breaking them because to me, their sound was one of a kind and I wanted to make sure I could keep them playable forever. Because I loved them so much, I bought a second pair a couple of years ago that I used for practice and live gigs so I could preserve my old ones for recording. I'm not a hard hitter and I use good technique (I've never broken any cymbal), plus it's damn near impossible to break hi-hats anyways, but still, that's how careful I was being.

The newer ones sounded much different, and frankly, not nearly as good. I'm well aware that cymbals mellow with age, but to me the difference was more than that and I don't remember my older pair sounding like the newer pair did when they were new. I sold the newer ones about 6 months ago. I wish I would have compared the weight of both pairs before I sold the newer ones to provide some real data, but the newer ones felt heavier and sounded more "metally" than my older ones. Holding them in my hands, the newer top felt heavier than the older top and the bottoms felt about the same with the newer bottom feeling a touch heavier. Not sure if this was really the case, or if my mind just made it that way because I was looking for a way to explain the drastic difference, but maybe someone on the forum can shed some light on this. Is it possible that Zildjian increased the weight of these (from a medium weight top to a medium-heavy weight top) over the past 15 years?