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If everybody should respect opinions, even if they are wrong, (example 2+2 = 7 "because it´s my opinion"), it´s OK if he things that is one of the greatest drum fills in the History of The Universe, then what is wrong if I think it´s come mine can´t be respected as well?

Who do you suspect is closer to the truth? I know, thruth is not any longer important, right? only "selfhelp", Dale Carnegie possitive vibe, etc. ...

Of course there is no problem letting him call me: "IDIOT" and "DOUCHEBAG", it is also his opinion...

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Alex, my message to you was balanced and considered, I'm disappointed your reply is not in the same spirit. Your opinion is absolutely respected, but your manner of reply delivery often is not. Of course it's fine for you to disagree with someone on the greatest ever fill, or whatever subjective subject you like, but it's how you disagree that can sometimes be the issue. I don't especially welcome mathematical examples to highlight your position in this instance. If someone has their facts wrong, that's one thing, but subjective opinions are not definitive, and therefore "truth" is not applicable.

If you notice, I also highlighted the inappropriate use of personal insults by Hurst2112.

OK, I´m an "IDIOT" and a "DOUCHEBAG", you post a video of your playing and I post mine, HOW ABOUT THAT?
Really Alex - someone of your facility and experience finds it necessary to post this?

Unfortunately, due mostly to your continuation of a negative direction, it's necessary to lock this thread.
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