Questions about heads


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I'm using a pretty early-era Starclassic and just replaced all the heads (EC2s over G1s). I can't seem to get a good sound, but I think we're past a tuning issue. There's not a lot of wobble, or anything that would suggest the batter and redo being tuned comparatively dissonant, but the batters seem to sound choked and also as if there are a set of frequencies that ring undesirably and distractingly. I see most people use G2s over G1s and I'm wondering if I could have just made a mistake when matching up heads?

Also, my bass drum batter doesn't really sit correctly over the bearing edge. It seems to be pretty flush until I put the hoop on, and then there's some inconsistency. It's much less noticeable when the hoop is tightened down, but there's still definitely a wider gap between hoop and collar at some points than others.


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I'm inclined to call tuning issue here mate to be honest. G2's over G1's are a tried and tested head combination used by thoussands of guys without issue. Whilst it's always possible to get a dud head, I reckon if you can't get a good sound out of any of the drums then it either comes down to a tuning issue or perhaps even the fact that your expectations are different from what a 2 ply over 1 ply combo actually deliver.

As for the bass drum head, it's common for either drums, or the hoop of a head to be ever so slightly out of round. Provided they still tighten down and you are able to get even tension at each lug, it shouldn't be a problem. A tensioned hoop will also assist in pulling everything back into alignment.


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Thanks for the replies!

I actually have the Gatzen DVD on drum tuning and I've been trying to mimic his moves. I guess it's just a matter of developing more of an ear as well. One thing he mentions is that if you have seated a head unevenly, you'll never get the head to sound right. Granted, that was ten years ago, and I'm using Evans 360s, but maybe that could be part of the problem? I've never played on the heads, but I was messing around with tunings before watching his DVD.

Prior to all this, I did manage to get a sound I was really happy with out of the smallest tom. I'll just have to keep messing around with the others.

John Good's video is condensed and refreshing, thanks for posting.