questions about electronic pads/modules


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What have some of you used for making a hybrid kit of some electronic pads used for sound effects/sampling mixed in with your acoustic kit?

I have been thinking about getting some electronic pads for effects and sampling and was wondering what you need as far as equipment to make it work? Obviously you need the pad, some sort of module or software, and a speaker to set up so you can hear it when you practice.

I have never really gotten into the whole electronic thing so I wanted to get some ideas from people who have.

I have been looking at the Synesthesia Mandala V2 USB Electronic Drum Pad. It seems really nice and the software that comes with it looks like you have endless possibilities foe effects and such.

Any suggestions or help would be great.


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A drummer buddy of mine has two V1's and three V2's. You are correct. Endless possibilities for samples, effects, etc. Simply an amazing rig.


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I like the rolad stuff there are some problums with both spd s (only 1 ext. trigger not enough memory) spd 20(can't inport sounds). That v2 thing looks really cool I've never heard of it before but checking it out sounds great only down side is only 1 pad but if it can start stop loops it would be great.