Question regarding Rod Gervais Book


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The book specifically is : Home Recording Studio: Build It Like the Pros

I bought and am reading a digital version from amazon, so I can not give a page number, for that I am sorry. I am in the section where he is speaking about wall construction. He mentions resilient channels. He specifically mentions hat tracks. He says:

"Note that hat channel does not have any holes or slots along its “leg.” The slots and holes are one of the main reasons that the members isolate in the manner they do. Without them, isolation is nil."

Then he goes on to say this about hat tracks:

RISC 1 clips (resilient sound isolation clips) are another excellent way to decouple drywall from a structure (see Figure 4.14 ). These products use a rubber isolator to decouple the clip from the stud, and a hat channel is then mounted into the clip to attach the drywall. This unit will typically provide around a 6 to 8dB increase in isolation over what you can expect using standard resilient channel. Once again, there are several different manufacturers of this type of product."

I can only assume he is meaning don't use a hat track as a resilient track. With the last quote, I am brought to this conclusion because he mentions the rubber isolator. Would I be correct?


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Pretty much. As I recall, he advises against using resilient channel because there are so many variations and so many things that look like it but which don't work like it. Basically, people buy common hat channel thinking it's resilient channel and get nothing out of it.

In contrast, if you use hat channel with iso clips, you get the performance you expect. It's the iso clips that do the work, so to speak. You can get the clips with and without rubber. From the data I've seen there is very little performance difference between the two.

Below is an edge-on shot of the ceiling below my studio. That's hat channel in an iso clip. The clip is screwed to ceiling/floor joists, the channel snapped into it, and then the drywall screwed into the channel.