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Hi gang
I went to see a band in fortatude vally a little while ago call "Black water fever", it's just a drummer and a guitarist who sings. Anyway the drummer was playing almost all of his right hand on the floor tom insted of the cymbles. Do you think that because they don't use a bass player, and the floor tom fills in for the bass?
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Well, without seeing the band in question, it's impossible to say.

But that seems like a reasonable guess.


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I am currently in a praise band where we have had to do several services without a bassist. You can really tell the difference because there is a part of the frequency mix that simply isn't there. So I find myself trying to fill in a little of that part of the sound with toms.

If money were no object, I would try and get a MIDI pedal or an Octopad loaded with bass notes or samples to try and fill in a bit of that sound.


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Why he really plays that way, you'd have to ask him.

But it certainly makes sense to me that he was trying to add bass tones to the mix. As Al said, you can definitely tell when bass ain't there.


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Add another "yes" to the chorus. I've done this in jams without a bassist in the past and I think it's not uncommon. You'll probably find parts where the guitar player is adding more low tones too.


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I wouldn't be too surprised if he was doing less crash cymbal work as well. It's all about taking the focus away from the top end & delivering a more rounded spectrum. Got to be careful though as the whole thing can take on a "jungle" vibe. That can be a good thing.


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Who knows what they were thinking? Playing floor tom would enhance more low frequencies obviously but that may not be the entire reason. Maybe it was floor tom patterns that he thought most fit the music and what got them off? Who knows?

If you were curious about it you should've got the answer from the horses mouth so to speak. Your only true answer lies there....

ps some bands get off on high frequencies.