Question of a heel down tech.

Hello guys! I’m sorta struggling of some minor question.
Sometimes I watched some kind of a pedal technique video, but (unfortunately...) It leaves a question of a heel down to me.
Some people says ‘pivoting my ankle on the footboard’, but other people says ’lift a ball of my foot first, and press the footboard by a ball of my foot again’. (,which means like tapping the floor with my toes as I guess)

The problem is that I know both of explanation are correct definitely.
So I understood the two of combination that primarily I control my ball of foot up and down then my ankle will be snapped naturally. (like pressing a pedal of a car)
Is it right understanding of my ankle snapping in heel down?
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Heel down is a bit more straight forward than heel up. I would pay attention to whether I'm trying to burry the beater, not burry the beater and dynamics. The rest takes care of itself.