Question for the People Playing 4 Piece Drum Sets- Sizes


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I mainly use 12 and 15 toms, because I like the tonal spread. The 15 is just a bit meatier than a 14, but not as tubby as a 16, and I find it easy to dial those two sizes a pleasant interval apart. For bass, I go back and forth between a 16 (tom conversion) and a 22. The 16 is obviously easier packing in/out, but it also has a tone that really works for the music I play and the small venues I (used to) play. But for outdoor gigs, or any time I want more deep rumble, I bring the 22. I have my toms and cymbals mounted in a way that makes it easy to swap bass drums.


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i use a 4 piece as a kitshare/loaner kit. 13x12, 16x16, 22x16 tama rockstar. got it cheap, and with good heads its a nice kit :)


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I have two four piece set ups left after my big drum set purge
Rock setup
Novel and Cooley Horizon
24 x 14 ; 13 x 9 and 16 x 14 ( Yup 14” deep)

Jazz setup
Sonor Vintage series
20 x 14 ; 12 x 8 ; 14 x 12 ( yup 12” deep )

I far prefer 24” bass drums to 22” bass drums
I also prefer 20” bass drums to 18” bass drums .