Question for bar-band folks, re some song choices


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So I had a fine chuckle about this this other night. After a practice/rehearsal/recording session, we were sitting around having a cocktail, discussing band "stuff". The topic of this thread came up at one point, and the guitar player says "I just listened to Hey Jealousy, we could do that one".... I about fell off my chair! :D:eek::giggle:

I told him that we had talked about that song years ago, when he said he'd never play it. LOL. Now he wants to. Go figure. Maybe it was the bourbon talking, but I revisited it with him on the way to our gig Saturday, and he's still on the plan. Had a great laugh at that.

That's two down...2-3 more and I'll be more comfortable with what we can do in those situations.
(Again, 90's/00's rock songs, danceable...)


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Toad The Wet Sprocket? Soundgarden? Alice In Chains? I've seen quite a few folks dance to these and some other "out there bands". Screaming Trees? Blind Melon? Hole?


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Also many songs that are not super danceable can be made so. Listen to DJ remix versions. These converted tunes may not be your style but are for dancing.