Question for all u guys with 18'' bass drums.

Trip McNealy

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I have an 18" kick as part of my PDP New Yorker kit. Aquarian Superkick I Clear batter side and a custom logo front head (Aquarian Regulator) with no reso hole and an Evans EQ pad inside laying down. Kick sounds massive and punchy, I actually like it better than my 24" Ludwig!

In short, I would not port an 18" kick - you need all the frequency response from full heads.

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an 18" bass drum is a small hole. just kidding, what i'm saying is i like reso heads with no hole.
Everyone should do whatever they want. I like my 18" with no hole, but if I wanted a nice thump from it, I would put a blanket or pillow in it and cut a small (4") hole to make placing a microphone easy, and to minimize picking up anything but the bass drum in that mic.


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I have a Sonor Bop kit, and the kick drum is an 18" one. I bought an Aquarin Port Hole sticker like thing, and am happy with the results. I actually ported it, so I can easily move the small blanket inside the drum around.

As for drum heads, the port side is the original head. And the kick side is a Remo Powerstroke P3 (smooth white). And the drum sounds awesome.

Lastly, even though it's a bop, or jazz size kit. I personally only play rock based music. Punk rock. Alt Rock. Etc... I prefer to refer to my drum kit as a compact size kit. Not a bop kit, or a jazz size kit. Even though, I guess it's all the same.
yeah, I've played metal, rock, and everything else with mine, and it works. Sometimes I just get lazy and don't wanna haul around a heavy kick, especially if a gig is upstairs somewhere, or load in is difficult.
I usually play my 18'' cat bass drum with a 4'' port. Yes, the sound tends to offer a richer sound with an unported front. But mostly playing classical Bebop Jazz less than other stuff (Latin, Big Band, Funk and even Rock), a port hole gives the sound the dryness I want for a solid Kick. And it makes it way easier to deal with different situations soundwise within seconds i.e. dampening, miking. A benefit that helps a lot if playing live gigs regularly.