Question about my Pearl snare from the 70s..


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This snare did not come with the original hoops. I’m trying to figure out if it originally came with 2.3mm triple flanged hoops or 1.6mm and if they were chrome over brass or steel hoops. The snare is a Pearl B4514 chrome over brass “Jupiter” Stewart Copeland snare.


"Uncle Larry"
Don't take this as fact it's a guess.

I tried researching when 2.3 mm counterhoops were introduced and couldn't find anything.

I want to say that 1.6 mm hoops were the standard. From what I can tell, hoop thickness isn't even mentioned until after the 2.3 hoops were rolled out. (see what I did there?)

So my logic tells me that they are 1.6 mm because I don't think the 2.3 mm hoops were offered until the 80s at least. Going off of possibly flawed memory, so don't quote me, I'm guessing.