Question about dw mcd pedal


Anyone familiar with the machined chain drive pedal that knows if it’s possible to replace the chain with a strap? From the pics I’ve seen I don’t see the usual drum key bolt that would hold the chain like other pedals have.


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I have a DW 5000 dbl pedal and there is a master chain link.
Remove this to make adjustments.
Sorry...don't know much about replacing chain with a strap.


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I don't have this pedal, but I would say yes. Someone had to assemble it, and the chain isn't born on there. If you are good with assembly/disassembly, take it apart and see.


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I have the MDD's. I would have thought there would be the option to use straps on the MCD's. Just like there is on the 9000's :)


You can see on the pictures that there is no drum key bolt. The last chain link is located radially (and not tangentially) in a trough in the cam and is fixed with a bolt (the bolt is parallel to the drive shaft). If this trough is continuous then you can replace the chain relatively easily with a strap. But if it is subdivided (which I suppose) then it is complicated but possible and you need an adapter.


Thanks for the responses guys. Just got a decent deal on a used set of these but prefer a strap over chain. Doesn’t sound like the pedal was manufactured for a strap conversion. . Oh well..not really a deal breaker.