Question about DM10 X Hi-Hat


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I spent a long time last night researching, and I think I am going to go with the Alesis DM10 X. It seems like a really nice kit for the money. There is only one thing that has got me concerned about it, and I am hoping somebody can help.

I read online that Hi-Hat pads work two different ways. I read that;

"The lower priced kits use a standard drum pad that is mounted to the drum set rack in the typical hi-hat position. There will be a control pedal under your left foot (unless you set up as a complete lefty!) that will change the hi-hat sound as you’re playing from foot up = open hi-hat sound to foot down = closed hi-hat sound. It’s simple, easy to get accustomed to and works well for many drummers."

The same article than said "The other way that hi-hats work on an electronic drum set can be called real hi-hat action. A specialized hi-hat pad is mounted on a real hi-hat stand, just like the stands that are used with acoustic drum sets. The pad doesn’t move up and down, however, but there is a moving element or sensor in the hi-hat pad that plays the assigned hi-hat sound with any degree of openness, from fully closed to fully open and every position in between. This allows you to play the partly-open hi-hat sounds that are widely used and also allows the hi-hats to be played with great finesse."

I am wondering, which of the two different Hi-Hat pads does this kit have?