Quarter notes instead of 8th notes


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Hi everyone, this problem has been bugging me now for some time and i don't know why i haven't posted about it sooner but i will now.

I'm into metal drumming and as a result, a lot of beats i play are quite quick and demanding, one thing i have realised however and i don't know if you all do the same is that i only ever seem to use quarter notes on the hats (unless the beat is slow or moderate). If i try to go from this to 8th notes, i lose stamina very quickly and yet i fear it is something simple that everyone can do properly and i can't.

Somedays i can relax and play them fine and not get tired straight away but others (which is most often) i feel tense and even though i try to relax i just can't at times. I don't understand how people do it especially Lombardo, Benante and Ulrich who do it well above 200bpm.

Is there a good exercise that you can recommend to help me out as i already practice, single strokes, double strokes and paradiddles or does it come down to starting slow and getting faster again?

I've seen these wrist exercise balls that some drummers use are they worth a try?

Thanks everyone. JT


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Work on a technique that works for you and a use a metronome. The only way you are going to play that fast is practice. It took a long time for those guys to reach that speed.