PVC Pipe Instrument

Red Menace

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That's officially the coolest thing I've ever seen. I loved the Mario theme. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to get the pitch of each tube worked out.


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Thanks everyone! Yeah it took a while to build. For tuning, I actually used an app (Cleartune) on my iPhone. If the pipe was flat, I cut some off...if it was sharp I added pipe. Really not too hard -- just time consuming!

My next addition to it is to have a 5 gallon bucket behind me with a bass drum pedal attached. I will use my heel to "backwards pedal" a bass beat while I play the pipes. Crazy? Indeed.


Seriously awesome :D I want one... now.

Did you follow some plans to build this or did you just do it yourself?


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Dude, if you could post a DIY for this instrument, that would frickin' awesome.

I've always wanted to make one myself, and it's such a cool voice, too. I wanted to make one for my high school just to see if my director could come up with a use for it!