Put a REALLY good song that I probably haven't heard, and i'll give it a spin.

Same! I would say that my playing style is mostly like his. Serves the song every time.
My style is similar to his to. I have picked up stuff from drummers a lot better and more famous than him, but Johnnys groove and ability to play for the song is just incredible, and super influential.
Getting through them slowly but surely and it's been fun so far. Please no more than one per day per person though as I'll never get round to all of them
This was released last year. The thunderous drums and her angelic voice were incredible in concert.

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For a bit of fun party music, King Apparatus hits the spot. I saw these guys at Call the Office in London ON in the early '90's and they had the place bouncing.

Their self titled album is worth a listen to.

Whoa..talk about put me in a mood..this is how I want to start the day!. 😊. Musicians..god love'm.
I like it when bands who are not usually my style come up with rare gems.

Here's another. I am totally not into country music, never have been and never will. But this James Taylor performance of Country Road is stellar, with Steve Gadd on fire. It's amazing how just holding tension with a few placed kick drum upbeats can send an audience into a frenzy! The magic of the pocket.

Youtube url is v=_BYb3u0aZVY

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I'll give you several from my all-time favorite band Fishbone- because they're so diverse (it's one of the things I love about them), one song couldn't accurately represent them.

And, a brand new one- literally, this week: