Purging Gear


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My boss' kid is really serious about playing drums, so now i have an outlet! I just bring "care" packages to work - stuff I know I will never use again or extra heads (all my remo's cuz I stopped using remo), sticks, stands, cymbals and etc. It's a win-win situation. :)

I've become more utilitarian over time, plus I don't like having stuff that isn't being used.


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I rarely sell anything. Plus, as far as drums are concerned, I have nothing to sell now. However, I do have a load of guitars, mostly basses and have RELUCTANTLY decided to sell my '81 Fender Jazz Bass to a friend.

I would have only considered selling this to a friend as I bought it new in 1981 when I was 21 years old so there's some attachment to it. I feel better about a friend having it.

Really didn't want to sell it although I'm planning to buy a second kit this year and the wife will probably be more than enthused about that once she finds out. So, the $2500 I got for the bass will help ease her euphoria.

I'm sure I'll enjoy the second kit more so as I rarely did play that guitar and mostly stick with my newer Ibanez and Fenders. $2500 will pay for a nice chunk of the new kit.


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I got rid of some stuff a couple of years ago to pay down some debt and clear out some space. It was mostly stuff I wasn't using anyway. Sold my e-kit and extra pads, Stealth rack, Iron Cobra double pedal and hi-hat, other double-braced stands (too heavy for nothing), maybe more I don't quite remember. I'd get rid of more and have tried but I get low-balled and just change my mind. I have more than I need but it's not a ridiculous amount.

I've bought and sold a lot of shell packs in my life but haven't in a few years 'cause I'm pretty happy with what I have now. My Renown might eventually go but I know I'm gonna take a wash on it. Damn low-ballers.


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I have no gear left to purge. I paid forward a snare drum and a set of cymbals.

I only have one drum set and one set of cymbals now - but I do have three snare drums.

Wait, I do have some items to purge - old drum sticks - I just can't seem to rid of them.


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Almost 20 years ago, struggling under a pending divorce and credit debt, I decided to sell my drums to make ends meet. This led to the biggest blunder of my life, letting a 1962 blue duco Ludwig Pioneer go for a song.

Since then, I have been a very careful guardian of my gear. I tend to only divest myself of gear I don't seem to ever play - which has led to two snare drum trades and a couple of cymbals finding new homes in the last six years. But the bulk of my gear is something that I foresee a use for, and once the house is paid off I will buy the remaining cymbals and hardware required to complete two full kits. From there, acquisitions will be on a "replacement only" basis for the most part.


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It depends on what it is!
I had a 2-3 year run of buying drums off craigslist from parents who's kids lost interest or people that were moving and just needed to get the drums out of their faces or whatever their situation was, after cleaning the drums up and putting new heads on them I'd resell them and make a decent profit but after having to move with 6 drum kits I decided to let someone else take over the Austin Texas craigslist drum flip game!

I also always like to have 1 or 2 extra kits lying around during SXSW to rent out to bands for the week, two years ago I rented a band a kit for $200 that I couldn't sell for $150.

BUT as far as my personal gear goes I have my kit that I'd never loan out or sell and with that kit the only time I sell anything is when I sell a cymbal to pay for the purchase of it's replacement!


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I played guitar for 30 years and have been unloading everything.. and honestly it hasn't been worth the hassle, on CL you get people that try to trade you stuff even if you said no trades... or they try to talk you down from $500 to 50.. OR.. the worst is.. ill be there in the morning! and they never show.. I should be dead later this coming year.. someone else can deal with it then. make a nice bonfire :)


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Im on the sell and regret side.Ive sold three drum sets in my life and regret Two of them....Selling hardware etc is one thing,but no matter what.If your on here,you will always be a drummer.Never sell Drums, Unless you need to eat........


I had a buddy who would chronically buy gear from music stores on credit, use the gear for a while, and then sell it at a loss, all while only having made the minimum payments and still owing the lion's share of the purchase price. He did this over and over and over again for years, sometimes buying the same piece of gear that he had sold a year or two before for the second or third time.

Never saw anything like it. I would talk to him about it and tell him how crazy it was and he would say, "Yeah, you're right. I just gotta be happy with what I have and pay it off", and then a couple of weeks later he would have a new bass... It was way beyond normal. It was like an addiction for him. Consumer therapy at its worst.

Haven't seen or heard from him for a year and a half now. Last I saw him, he was having a hard time finding work in Edmonton, so I told him I could get him a good paying job at a potash mine in Saskatoon and that he should come here. He did and I put him up for free, fed him, put gas in his car, etc, etc, for a month until he started his new job. It was a very easy job. All he had to do was wipe the dust off pipes with a rag as a painter followed behind him to paint the pipes with epoxy paint and it paid him $26/hr. He quit after the first day and I got pissed off at him. The next day when I got back from work, he and all his things were gone. Tried phoning and texting- no response, so I guess I'm dead to him now. Funny, one of the things he griped about the most was people with an overly entitled attitude, lol.


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What, Get rid of something? I still have my first computer printer, it printed in pencil. My first drum set didn't come with heads, instead, a head kit. A small herd of calves. My first purchase into bow hunting was a envelope with a string and instructions in it. #1. ... Get your own stick. I still have the stick in my stick bag.
Throw anything away, you never know when you will need the dust you dug out from around you rims.

By the way Ghostnote, $26 an hour? I save old rags too!


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All of my best gear has been a gift from my parents, so there's no way I'd part with any of it. The stuff I bought myself I'd never be able to sell because most of it's junk.