puresound snare wires, so bad finishing ?!

I wanted to try some Blaster 20, and Super 30 on my bronze snare(stock wires tama starclassic).
I really liked the sounds, especially with the Blaster.
Blaster gave it more body and punch, whereas Super 30 made it much drier, with less shell sound, marching like, and sensible.
BUT, after I removed the Blaster, and found that the Hazy300 reso was scratched(see attached pictures).
I've analyzed the snare wires, and found a lot of rough, sharp, unfinished wire ends. I did not expected, after so many stellar reviews for the maker ?! both Blaster and Super had the same issues. Must be bad luck and batches, so I've put back immediately the wires in the package.

During the next practice session, with the stock wire back, in 20mins the reso is gone.
After the event I've returned them to the seller(a big music store of Europe), and I got new ones in a couple of days, they look even worse:

Do you think, is that ok ? or am I too picky ?
Never saw this poor finishing on any other stock wires before.
I admit I can patch them maybe DIY, but this what I do not expect from a product(Super30) which is considered by some,
the world's best snare wire.


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I've also had a couple poorly finished sets of Puresound. Both of them broke the snare side head before I realized it was rough spots on the solder that was the culprit.

I don't buy Puresound anymore, but it has taught me the lesson to carefully check every new wire set I buy. But oddly enough, I've never found another brand that didn't pass the test.


I've exclusively used puresound blasters on every single snare I've owned since about 2003 or 2004. A vast majority of them have had some rough 'welds' like you pointed out, some enough to make me worried when I first installed them, yet not once have I ever had anything more then a superficial scratch on the head. Never once have I had one gouge, dent, cut, tear, puncture, etc a reso head (I also use 3mil reso's. I keep my reso's nice and tight and my wires pretty tight.) Maybe I've just been lucky. I had one set on my backup/throw around snare for 7+ years, with the same reso, and it left nothing besides a 'ghost' scratch down the entire length of the wires from them doing their job.

All I know for sure is I don't plan on stopping using puresound blasters anytime soon and every single drum I've put them on, from cheap to expensive, has been improved by their addition.


Not that you should have to do this with $20 wires but it does seem like a few swipes with a flat metal file would make them nice and smooth.


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I had a new set of Puresound Blasters blast through a brand new snare side head due to protruding wires. I never thought to check for that, but I sure do now. A quick file cleaned that up, but I have bought 20 or so sets of Gibraltar wires since that incident 4 or 5 years ago. I have Fat Cats too, but the Gibraltar wires sound great. It's not a cost issue, it's a sound and reliability issue for me.