punk rock beats, doubles on kick


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Hey all

I'm a metal guy who has focused on doublebass and blasting for a long time, and recently quit my deathmetal band I was playing in. Now I'm playing in an oldschool thrash/hardcore style band like Terror, fast (200bpm) with those punk rock single kick beats that go

kick/snare/kick kick/snare

that has that oldschool, rolling feel to it which sounds fake or flammy when playing with 2 kicks.

I can play these beats pretty accurately with my LEFT foot, but not my right foot, it's retarded...anyone run into anything like this? I'm right handed and my right foot is my strong foot but it just doesn't have that swing...

wierd eh?


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Are the head tensions on both bass drums exactly the same? (Each side?)

Do they both have the same amount of muting?

Do you have the pedal spring tensions exactly the same?

Do you like to do your blast patterns alternating feet?

If it's comfortable and you can manage, you might wanna stick with your left foot unless hitting the hat becomes a problem (I recommend a drop clutch). Likewise, if you master it with the right foot it might be more practical, then you can use the hat with your left or do flams with your left.

Is your right foot above/below the sweet spot of the pedal? Are you using two different pedals?

However, you might just be having coordination errors that you will wanna practice more. Keep at it bro.
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