Punk Drummer Sound Off!


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I play in a punk/hardcore band. Sounds like this --> http://youtu.be/tdZXjzWSZOU

I have a lot of fun playing with this band because they're my best friends. However given my recent fascination with jazz and improvised music, I do not know for how long I'll be able to keep it up. The guys have already started to notice that my playing sounds somewhat different, though I can still pull off the live gigs no problem.
Cool stuff, Numberless! Dude, you could totally do both. The speed and stamina you can build from playing punk rock can really help with your foundation. And having a jazz influence is great! There's lots of punk drummers who are jazzheads. I think there's a connection there between the styles in some ways. The influence can provide some pretty great results. Off-time, mixtures of beats, tempos, times, etc.
Here's my pal Tim Solyan killing it: http://youtu.be/SC3KDFsqkiM


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I played on the Vans Warped tour back in 2001. I used to play all over the Florida punk and ska scene from 1998-2001.

Currently here in Germany I have played in a punk band since 2010. We do a lot of other stuff though; you need to make a living.

Some of my favorites (many I have seen or met quite a few times)
Rancid (Lars used to get me into shows for free!)
Dropkick Murphys (hung out with these guys when I saw Rancid for the first time)
Suicide Machines (From my hometown in Michigan)
No Use For A Name
New Found Glory (their drummer and I played some of the same venues back in the day)
Less Than Jake
Useless ID
The Casualties
The Queers
Screeching Weasel
One Man Army
MADCAP (band we opened for on the Warped tour)


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Buncha punk lovers in here, and nobody is going to mention the "Rich Kids on LSD"? Phenomenal drumming across the whole career... Even after Bomber's death.


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Agreed. RKL was a pretty great live band. That's the thing....there were a BUNCH of really great live bands. Tales of Terror, Social Unrest, MDC, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, etc...and quite a few cities had a great history of quality punk rock.

Not to overuse the past tense, but since we're reminiscing...


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Anyone that digs punk, I reccomend you check out 'Kidneys' It's a solo project of Bad Religion's Brooks Wackerman.

In studio he does vocals, guitar, bass and drums. But he has a live band too perform the songs.

I guess I'd compare them to 'The Police' if they went punk.


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The only Punk drummer that I like is Fernando Murua Quintana from the spanish band "La Polla Records" specially I like the 80's stuff. A really very good drummer I think, his style is more energetic than and he always did different things for each song, he almoust didn't repeat.
A dedicated drummer to his work, to dad he passed away years ago.

Very recomended band "La Polla Records" ;)