Punk Cymbal and floor tom...


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Seeking a bit of advice.

I'm looking to invest back into my kit a little bit.

It's currently a two up one down setup and I want to convert it to one up two down. I'm looking for a 14" floor tom. Does anyone have any suggestions where I might be able to buy individual drums from in the UK?

Also, I currently have 16" crash cymbals. One an XS20 Sabian, and one a Zildjian K. They both sound peachy. I actually prefer the Sabian over the Zildjian. But I want to invest in a deeper sounding cymbal with longer sustain. I presume I should be heading for larger cymbals for that? I'm seeing a 20" Stagg Furia cymbal and imagine that would give me what I want. Any suggestions?

I'm on a fairly tight budget

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For drums get on ebay and have a mooch around.

Also, I've just listed an 18" Sabian AA crash ride (with 2 rivets) that is big sounding as a crash and sustain-tastic. it might suit you. It'll be live on ebay by 830 tonight


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For the floor tom you could check out Thomann.de They sell individual drums but its in Germany. They ship to the UK for a tenner, unless you spend £169 then its free, its pretty quick too, stuff I've order comes in around 3 days, faster than some places in the UK.

Another place is electromusic.co.uk I know they sell my drum kits bass drum but Im not sure about other drums like floor toms since I've never looked.

Keep in mind thought that even if you get a floor tom thats the same model as your kit, it may sound slightly different.

As for the cymbals I'd recommend going places and trying them out cause every cymbal will sound different, take some of your cymbals too to make sure that it matches with your current set.


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Thanks guys.

I've been looking with interest at the German site funnily enough as they can supply pretty much everything I'm after as a one stop shop job and the exchange rate seems to be working in my favour for a change.

Ta again...much appreciated.


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I can't really help about the floor tom but I do have the xs20 16" Crash and also play in a punk rock band. I love the way it sounds and I think it cuts through the music really well. I know what you mean about the sustain not being too long but for fast songs it works as you don't want a long sustain over the music for too long making it too messy.

The xs20 18" crash I also own and it is deeper in sound and has a lot longer sustain then the 16". It is also very good for a tight budget.

You could also try the xs20 rock 16" and 18" crashes. I have never played them myself but I have heard that they have a deeper sound to the normal range and are thicker too. Good for playing heavier music.
Hope this helps a bit.
Been deliberating over the XS20...

You might have just sold one for Sabian there.

We're only a three piece (guitar, bass, drums) and a lot of our tunes need a bit of fill...I think the longer sustain would only help. A lot of the ride work is washy to fill the gap (my bandmates say the 'gap' is 100% in my head mind you)

Thanks again for the comments.

PS: Where from in London and what's the band called feller?