PSTX vs Trashformer


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Need help deciding between the PSTX Swiss Splash (10") and the Trashformer (10").

My other cymbals are K Custom Dark (hats, ride, crash) and K Sweet (crash). I'm looking for a quick, biting, slightly trashy sound. And I want to be able to make use of this next pickup in a stack eventually. I mainly play pop/funk style music.

Which one do you recommend/prefer/have experience with?


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I have the PSTX splash and it’s not as loud or cutting as my 10" 602 splash. It has a great sound but it’s not as loud. I can’t comment on the trashformer; never used one.


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Ah i now see this thread and just replied in the other one haha.
I own both and say go for the Paiste. The Paiste is easier to stack something with although the Trashformer was specifically designed for that. When i stack something with the Trashformer there is a lot of open spaces between the cymbals because of the shape of the Trashformer. It produces some nasty overtones. Maybe haven't found the perfect cymbal for that yet, but;

- Stacked the 10" Swiss Splash with my 10" Oriental China Trash and that sounded great! Stack the Oriental with the Trashformer and sounded not great at all... lots of overtones)
- Now use the 10" Swiss Splash with an 8" Meinl Gen-X Filter China and that is a golden combination. Sounds more open and a tad more wash to it compared to the 10" Oriental combo (probably because of the difference in size wavy edge of the filter china)