Proud Daddy....


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Now that's just fantastic! Ok, you say it's not perfect, well it is as far as I'm concerned. That little guy has groove, feel, & passion! I would be sooooo proud, & I know you are too. He's got everything going for him, & he's clearly much better looking than his dad, lol! If you don't believe me, ask his mum!


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I wish i had started that young! He's going to have great future as a drummer if he sticks with it, and loves it of course


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Great!! Just great! Now, a "7" year old will change his mind over the next 10 years a few times. (he'll be 17). I want to see THAT video, OR in the next 2 years of him jamming with Eddie Van Halen.

"Push kids hard, but let them be an individual". Me. Enjoy them while they are young.........


He's having a blast with drumming. When we got his first kit, we immediately put him in lessons. It started off great but then he started slacking off. The following year, it was my turn to ask Santa for a new kit of my own (I started drumming at the same time) and he brought me a new Sonor. Since then, having two kits has made all the difference in the world because we get to play together. We will practice his lessons from time to time but for the vast majority of that time, we just rock out and laugh at each others mistakes. Learning is up to him and his drum teacher, it's my job to keep it fun for him.

I do hope he continues with it but if not, I wouldn't trade these memories for all the tea in China.

Thanks for the encouraging words!