Protection Racket Bags


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I Just bought a New Ludwig Club Date kit and want to get a nice padded bag for my bass drum.IM Wondering should i buy the size of the drum.Its a 20x 14.oR should i go 1 size up in both numbers.I Dont want the drum flapping around,but dont want to fight it in and out.Any one with these or the padded tuxedo bags id luv to hear from. Thanks.


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I bought PR bags in comparable sizes to the drums. They all fit. Snug enough, but not so tight as to be a PITA getting the drums in or out.

That said, I recall a thread here where a guy bought the same sized bags as his drums and found that the bass drum in particular was an issue as the mounting hardware (either the tom mount or the spurs...I can't quite recall now) was larger than normal and he struggled to get the drum in and out.

All in all, I'd reckon you're safe to get the bag that is designed for that particular sized drum, but take note that there has been the rare exception.


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I just bought an 18" Protection Racket bag for a floor tom, and it fit snug around the drum, and the bag wouldn't fit around the leg mounts. That's a little too snug for my tastes, if it doesn't even fit the drum it's made for. The best case scenario would be to bring your drum(s) into the shop and try it out before you buy.


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If you are buying from a store, take the drum to the store and try it out before you buy. If the salesperson doesn't like this idea, he clearly doesn't want your money.

If you are buying online, check the return policy and make sure you don't force anything when you try it out for the first time (RRRRIIPPPP!!!)


I've had a 14" PR bag for my snare drum for 2 years now and haven't got a bad thing to say about it. Very good quality and durable.

Fit's my 14" x 7" just fine and when I want to take my 4" deep snare instead I just thrown an old throw-cushion in to fill up the gap and keep the drum from bouncing around.