Proper etiquette when posting on someone's personal kit thread.


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I do think there is a proper time and place to express those opinions, and in a drumming community, to do it with taste, and tact.

To me the wrong time to point out what you do not like about someone's kit is when they are very excited about showing something off for the first time. I think this is the time to keep your negative opinions to yourself.
Yeah, right. Just like you did, here. Guy posts a week ago, all excited about his new Yamaha hex rack ...... and you say​
Nice setup, but you can see the drums better from behind than you can from in front. I see too many rack setups covering up the beautiful shells on all these websites. The rack is there for a support system, and is not meant to be the focus of attention.
So, like, isn't this a little bit hypocritical.​

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to make a list of rules here, and it is not my place to do so. I am just sharing my thoughts on the subject, and wondering yours.
Except you are trying to make up your own set of rules. A set of rules for "you" to follow, and a set of rules for "every one" else to follow. Such passive/aggressive behaviour you always bring to the table. So ..... banned 6 times now. Congrats. You're tied with stickit/tommycanyouhearme/white drummer/mad max/juststickinaround/johnnyringo.​
P.S. thanx, Bermuda.​


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Harry, he's still around though. The other one. MadMax. He's now called 'Boneybeaverbrother'.

I know I'm a fine one to talk, having been banned too but I don't think I cross the line every time I post...


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Harry, he's still around though. The other one. MadMax. He's now called 'Boneybeaverbrother'.
Well, I guess he's a little more "chill", then. Decided to change his behaviour. If Glen would do that, he'd still be here. But he won't change. I spotted his "attitude" several days ago, and thought ..... "oh yeah, here we go, again". Once he "unleashes", he just crescendo's to ..... well ..... what just happened.​


"Uncle Larry"
I thought that Glen was going to try and play nice this time too, but a leopard can't change their spots. It was only a matter of time before the new facade falls away and the real person emerges. Nice slam dunk detective work Harry.


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Crazy. A respectful comment about a Mapex badge can cause all this?

Yes there is more to life than arguing. This isn't a place to argue but to offer opinions in a nice way. There was nothing at all even remotely disparaging about the badge comment.

Glen I like your insights but ya gotta chill... this is a drum forum!! :)