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Taye - TIE - Check

Tama - TAM-Uh - Check

Paiste - PIE-stee - Check

Ddrum - DEE-drum - Check

Sakae - suh-KIE - Sah-Kay

Ayotte - ā-YO-tee - Check

Natal - NAY-tel - Nah-Tal

Dunnett - DUN et (Just like "Done it.") - Check

Yamaha - YAH-ma-ha - Check

Ludwig - LUD-wig - Check

Sonar - SO-nar - Check

Bozzio - Bō-zio - Check

Oriollo - or-e-O-lo - Check

Peart - Either "Pert" or "Peart" with the "ear"-sound - Purt (Although I know I'm wrong)

Avedis - ah-VEE-dus - Ahv-veh-dis
Ludwig being a German name - it was originally pronounced Lud -Vig. Just as VW is 'Folks-Vagen in German.
(By the way - 'Dionne 'War-wick' sounds amusing to British ears - the town it comes from is pronounced 'Worrick') (As for 'Leicestershire' and 'Gloucestershire' - don't ask! 😋 )


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Asking how to pronounce 'Sakae' in another thread got me to thinking about some of the other drum company names. I'm sure there are other threads on this, but oh well, I didn't do a search, lol. I'll start with a few off the top of my head. Feel free to add others.

Taye - pronounced TIE

Tama- I've always said TOM-UH. But I've heard others say TAME-UH. What do you think?

Paiste- from studying German, I believe this to be pronounced PIE-STEE.

Ddrum - I've always said DEE-DRUM. Anyone heard it differently?

Sakae- ???

What other ones are there?
Sa- Kie


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Sakae is sa-ka-eh

- as in sat
ka - as in cat
eh - as in bed, very short sound

Source: Degree in Japanese language/anthropology