Pronouncing Your Toms During a Solo


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Bob, I've only ever tried using a tom to my left as a brief experiment in a brief moment of experimentation. I can see how such a placement is a useful tool for grooves, but tough to integrate (at least, for me) into a tom based solo. I did use a small snare to my left for one gig back in the day, but that was more of a timbale effect kinda deal.

kit sounds good. Bass drum picks up on the recording especially well.

Bo Eder

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That looked like quite a workout Bob. I think it would be smoother for you if you set up like Bill Bruford, with the toms all level with your snare drum, but keep the configuration. Of course, that alters your hi-hats and cymbals, but I think it'd be easier to get around on the toms.

Drums sound great, though!


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Sounds good Bob!

I am currently set up with my toms in the same fashion, and I must say I really enjoy the floor tom to the left. I put it over there because I don't like having the 16" and 18" next to each other, the 18" becomes too far away. It has opened up new ideas for me as far as tom work, and I now view the kit as having sides, as opposed to just being one direction as far as toms go. Makes soloing and tom based grooves more fun to do.


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Thanks for the kind responses all :)
Well, after trying the split toms for a few weeks and spending a lot of time with them during the holiday weekend I wound up switching back to two down on the right. The setup was hurting my 56 year old lower back and shoulders from all of the twisting. I liked it but I am not physically able to sustain playing that configuration anymore. I now have a pair of 8" and 10" timbales on my left where the 14" floor tom was. I don't use the timbales a lot so they aren't a problem in that location.


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Sounded good, Bob, too bad that setup hurt your back. We have to learn to listen to the body, though, don't we?

Thanks for treating us to some of your nice Luddies!