Promo Codes for DrumSpeed iPhone App


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Hi All,

I have finally released my iPhone application. It simply counts the number of hits within a user defined time. The app also provides a "consistency" score based on speed variances. It is utilizing the Midi output of your electronic drum kit. You may get an idea from the link below:

Is anyone interested in checking out the application and providing feedback? You must own an electronic drum kit and an iPhone Midi Interface such as iRig Midi II. You do not need to buy the app, I will provide promo codes to whoever is interested. Thanks in advance.



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Hi Mr. A. Dogan, As someone who owns the patented technology you are using and someone who has spent 37 years of his life developing that technology I am highly interested in communicating with you.......

Plus in your other post here @ DW you are marketing my technology while using WFD circle R trademark....

Please PM me here and we can continue this in private.....

Boo McAfee, creator of Drumometer patented technology and WFD trademarks