Promark sticks - clickier than others?

Push pull stroke

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To my hands, ProMark sticks are the most forward weighted of all the brands. It could explain the clickiness. The shoulder of the stick is stiffer and would make a more pronounced attack. Just a theory.
No, a stiffer stick is LESS clicky. The click is very high-pitched frequencies, which are the ones that are most easily muffled. The extra stiffness in a stiffer stick leaves the tip on the drum a tiny bit longer, which muffled the highest frequencies a touch.


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I was thinking it would be a louder attack by virtue of the extra weight in the front of the stick creating more volume from the tip.

I can't get on board with the tip muffling the high pitched frequencies. It makes no sense to me. The tip gets out of the way too quick.


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I just discovered this video from Promark. Back in 2017 Promark redesigned their acorn tips to have "increased articulation". I wonder if this is what I noticed. I might not be crazy after all? :unsure: Does this equate to more "clicky"?



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I went looking through my sticks at home and found the Promark oak sticks I bought ages ago. They are the “707 Jazz-Rock” with a big round nylon tip. The logo is brown and on the butt area of the stick. One surprising thing about them is it says in very small print “Hand-Made”.


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So I got some Promark 5A hickory oval wood tip sticks last week. Promark describes this model as having a full and dark sound. I started messing around on my home kit and compared them to my other sticks to see if I could notice any difference in terms of the click sound.

The first thing I noticed was that the sticks were super straight. They also were visually identical. This made me quite happy since you never know what you will get when you order online. I immediately loved the feel of the sticks in my hands. I also am a fan of the logo and the various print on the sticks.

I realize that this model was not designed to be the most articulate or to have the most click. But it definitely seemed to have a nice balance of that. Though it was subtle, I compared it mostly to a 5A Vic Firth hickory stick, and the VF was darker sounding. I definitely liked the sound and the feel of the Promark over the VF.

I also compared it to my beloved Vater 5A maple sticks. It’s not really a fair comparison since the wood is different. But they were surprisingly similar to each other, with the Vater being a bit lighter and mellower.

So, I don’t know if my theory is accurate or not. But I think that I will be going Promark for any new purchases. I want to get some recordings of me at church playing with others to see if I can tell a difference. My “dream sound” is to have mostly an overall woody click sound on the ride and hi hats.