Programming Roland TD-8


Junior Member
Hey stick people. Could use some advice on programming Roland TD-8s.
I finally bought an electronic kit because I'm stuck in an apartment and need them to learn songs for a couple of bands I'm playing in.
Since I have them, I'd like to be able to integrate one or two pads into my acoustic kit for playing on stage, for things like handclaps and other percussion sounds. I'm pretty sure the Roland TD-8s can be programmed this way, but I've never been good at reading electronics manuals, which is why I became a drummer in the first place.
I'd be ever so grateful if someone could explain how I go about isolating just one or two pads and programming them for things like handclaps. Is it possible to use one pad on stage and just have preprogrammed presets so that I just hit a button for handclaps on one song, then timbale, for the next song, etc.?