Programmed drums... or are they?


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This was inspired by another post but it didn't feel appropriate to hi-jack that. I programmed what I'd play with EZ drummer in GarageBand. Lots of work went into getting the sounds and trying to programme a performance, but for a home recording, would anyone know the difference? It would be fantastic if you listened to the whole thing of course, but if you sample the the first and last 30 seconds of each track you'll get a really good sample of what I managed to get out of the software. There's no substitute for the real feel of a band playing in a room, but if you're recording your stuff in a small flat on a budget, this is a great option.



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Good job! At one time I though "either a guy with really long arms - or simply open handed" but can't remember track/position. It was a floor tom after a snare while hi-hats were on the 8th.