Prog. metal recording


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OK FIRST OF ALL...That kit is fucking beautiful!!!! Those yamis are gorgeous!!

Secondly, this song is killer and you rocked it man!! \m/


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Awesome, you know you tools! Is that a „bleed“ Bassdrum pattern at around 3:25 of the Song? Sounds like it.


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sounding great! :D


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That was great. It's my cup of coffee lol. You played very good on this video. I've watched others of yours and they're all good.


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Nice "In The Air Tonight" reference haha. Beautiful setup and great playing all around - love that open handed Marco M style and cool to see you switching between lead hands - pretty clear you've done some serious coordination stuff through the years :)


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makes me want to go play my kit right now!!! too bad it is late

love it!!! Also love all of the Zildjians!!

prog metal rulez!!!