Professional Level Electronic Drums


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I currently have an older set of entry level e-drums (yamaha dtxpress II). I am really happy with the e-drums but I want to move up to a higher end kit. Specifically I want to go with mesh pads and a more feature packed drum module.

In doing some research I have found that a lot of drummers use software now, especially the software called ez-drummer and superior drummer 2.0. This software looks great. I once toyed with hooking up my dtxpress II to my computer when I first got the kit 8 or so years ago. At that point in time I was still using a serial port to MIDI adapter and the computer was an old emachines with almost no computing power. When the drums were connected to my computer I was using a software product called Acid to just basically record from the drums. It worked well, but I only did this a few times and havn't toyed with edrums --> computer hookups in a long time. Also, I was merly recording the built-in dtxpress II sounds, not getting new sounds as it seems ez-drummer gives you.

Now, in looking at a new kit I really like the td-12 and the td-9 from roland. I am confused as to how this would hook up to a computer using ez-drummer.

Specific Questions:

1.) I assume the module hooks to a computer via usb now instead of serial? I have seen the usb to midi cables. Is midi still what is used for the higher end rolands?
2.) Using ez-drummer the samples and mixing is coming from the computer I assume? I basically want to know if the td-12 module is worth getting over the td-9 if the kits and samples and mixing is all being done on the computer with software. Basically why get a more advanced module if your not even going to use it?? Or am I way off on this and the module still matters??
3.) Where does sound output come from. With my yamaha I had a PA hooked directly into the drum module for output and I also used headphones plugged into the module. Using ez-drummer would I use my PC's sound card and plug in the PA/Headphones into there???
4.) Superior drummer says it is a "plugin" not standalone software. I couldn't find specific info on what it is a plugin to?? Is it a logic plugin?? Can it be used with something like garage band on the mac? Is ex-drummer a standalone program you install on your computer or is it a plugin for some other program?
5.) Do I need to install any additional software to make the drum module --> PC connection work?

Basically I think I'm not fundamentally understanding how the electronic kit / software / drum module all work together.

Basically I want to get this sound!!! (That sounds 100% better than the crappy kits on the yamaha dtxpress II module):



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I was giging with a Roland TD-20 for a while, and I had a TD-12 as back up unit. Both of those Roland models have MIDI connectors that will plug into a USB to MIDI converter (Edirol, Etc..) I never used mine with EZ-Drummer or the likes, but many others do.

On both TD-20 and TD-12, the sound outputs are 1/4" unbalanced. The TD-20 gives you separate for each drum (kick, snare, tom1, tom2, etc..) whereas the TD-12 just gives you a combined right and left output.

I usually sent the individual sends to the sound desk and used the R/L master outs for the monitors on stage.

Not sure, but you might even be able to just by a couple of Roland TMC-6 expansion boxes if you just want trigger sends.

Also, I installed more realistic drum sounds made by V-Expressions. They were worlds better than the stock kits that came with the modules.


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Not sure, but you might even be able to just by a couple of Roland TMC-6 expansion boxes if you just want trigger sends.

That's pretty interesting. It looks like a lot less money than buying a drum module. I guess I need to find out if that would work with the software I want to use and how sound output will happen.