Problems with D'Addario...

The other day I broke out my Tama Starclassic 5.5x14 for the first time since last April, 2015 when I had installed a fresh G1 on top, and a Hazy 300 on the bottom. When I went to tension the bottom head to 80 on the Drum Dial, all of a sudden I heard a rrrrrrrrrrrrrip, and saw the area near the wrinkle torn along the hoop for a good 6-7 inches. I never had this happen before, let alone on a drum and head that is hardly ever used. These heads are the first ones of the Level 360 that I ever purchased, which is disappointing, considering I have been an Evans player since 1999 pretty exclusively, In fact, I just re-headed my set with some new old stock, and those G1's are great! I think the coating on the heads is nicer than the new L360 my Tama snare, and so was the seating. Now that the L360's have been out a couple of years, you would think this would not be a problem, considering these are mounted on a quality drum. I can only think this is a one-off experience, and this won't happen again. Any similar experiences out here?
I've had many issues with Evans heads in the past.
The coating is just dreadful in terms of QA.

I've had heads stuck to the inside of the cardboard boxes.

Holes missing from the HD vented heads.

If you pack a snare inside a soft nylon snare bag,it can cause impressions as well as sticking to the inside of the bags.

And don't forget the fuzzies ,as they also pick up lint and hair like a magnet.

Well, I've made the switch from Remo to Evans, and while neither are perfect, Evans are better for me. Their heads stay in tune better, tune easier, sing at most tuning, have more durable coatings and keep their sound longer (at least I think so). I prefer the Heavyweight to the Emperor X because the Heavyweight feels like you're playing a G2. I also keep my snare in a soft nylon bag, and have had no problems with the heads having impressions left. The only real problem I've had was the rip on a Hazy 300 not long ago, caused by down tuning during playing.

Overall, I actually think Evans are soon to be leading the head market (if they aren't already). Remo's quality went downhill, and Aquarian are a bit better than Remo, but not quite Evans. Evans are my favourite personally, kudos to the guys at D'Addario!


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Is there a sharp wire that cut the reso head or some other issues on the wires or bearing edge???
Is there a sharp wire that cut the reso head or some other issues on the wires or bearing edge???

I have broken wires, but I never cut them too short and make sure they're bent away from the head. The bearing edge has a few little kinks of something in it, not steel like the rest of the shell, but more of a resin material(?) I don't know if it has an effect at all, but they're there alright.