Problem with sticking mute to BD

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Have some Vic Firth mutes and the (female?) velcro pad that sticks to the BD batter head for the mute to latch onto is losing it's adhesive quality. Is there a better way of keeping a velcro pad stuck to the batter head? I'm sure that SuperGlue/Krazy Glue would stick it there forever - but if possible I'd rather something that can be removed without strong solvents or a pickaxe etc . . .


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Actually, cyanoacrylates (super glues) have very poor vibration or impact resistance. They crack and fall apart easily. Best for bonding close fitting rigid items.

Removeable and good bonding though vibration are kind of mutually exclusive. I think those pieces have an acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive on them. Which normally bonds pretty well. 3M VHB (very high bond) tape is such a material. This is what is often used to attach automotive trim pieces.

You want to make sure that the surface you're bonding to is clean. If you are trying to bond to a smooth clear head, then you'll want to rough it up a bit with some scotch brite pads or similar.

If you're trying to quiet down a bass drum for something like a small church or rehearsals, I would highly recommend looking into the Lidwish bass drum beater. It's not going to give a metal like click, but sounds more natural than an over damped or muted bass drum. All the while reducing the volume at least as much as a sound off mute.

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Removeable and good bonding though vibration are kind of mutually exclusive
I guess that's something I can't really get around . . . thanks for the VHB tip, though: never heard of the stuff, but the bumph on the 3M website makes it sound like pretty hefty stuff.