Pro Mark Naturals


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Has anyone noticed and issue with these lately? I use the 5B model with nylon tip, mostly cause A) ive never had a tip come off on me and B) it was tougher than other brands that i chewed through.

I used to break a pair about once every 3-4 months if that, just bought 5 pairs the other day and broke 3 sticks in one 4 hour jam session.

Im hitting quieter than ever due to our smaller jam spot, havent changed anything in my setup, and have started playing towards the bell on my rides instead of the shoulder.

I switched back to my beat up and dented pair that i bought months ago for the halloween gig we played, and while i added some more scars to them, they never gave out.

Im finding that they mostly break in the center of the stick and split all the way down, its consistent enough that im questioning this last batch anyways.


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Figured id update this post: Bought 3 new pairs of Pro mark natural 5Bs, within 3 jams theyd split up the middle, same spot every time. Gave a pair to another drummer i know, same issue. I have since switched to the only other readily available brand, Vic Firth, and my 5bs have lasted me already twice as long.

I find it weird, because i used to get months out of these sticks, i wonder if theres wood quality issues in the pro mark world.


You may have just gotten a bad batch, it happens, wood is not perfect or consistent. ProMark may not be aware of the problem, contact them about it. I'm sure they would appreciate a heads up on quality control.


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Crazy. I've been playing with the same pair (natural 5a) for about two months now, 16 hours or so. They're all chewed up, and one tip is half of what it used to be, but I haven't had any problems like that, and I'm too cheap to switch out. :D

Maybe it's just the 5b? I just picked up a couple pair of nylon tipped 5b naturals. I hope they don't split...


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From what I understand, Evans just bought ProMark, and lately the QA in ProMark has been suffering. Search the sticks/heads category for Joey Jordison sig sticks, and EvansSpecialist explains everything thats going wrongwith ProMark. Hope this helps.


I just decided I'm switching to Vic Firth, I used to be Pro Mark all the way but they just chip too easily for me. Vic's are a tad heavier and more varnish, but they don't break as easily for me.

I used the Naturals for one gig and I'm pretty sure they gave me the worst blister on my hand. Feel like they could give me a splinter or something.