Pro drummers, home practice spaces


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A bunch of drummers (Jared Falk, Anika Nilles, Glen Sobel,Tommy Igoe, Sarah Thawer, Dorothea Taylor, Brian Frasier-Moore, Kaz Rodriguez, Juan ‘Carlito’ Mendoza, Marco Minnemann) show their spaces, from whisper rooms to kitchens.

C.M. Jones

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Interesting spaces. My home studio is in my basement, which is finished just like the rest of my house. My basement is composed of separate rooms, so my practice space is contained and cozy. And because it's underground, my neighbors hear nothing. It's a remote retreat where I can embrace solitude and give myself up to drumming entirely.

I don't practice with bands at home. That occurs elsewhere. Currently, I'm not practicing with bands at all -- for reasons related to a topic we aren't permitted to discuss in this forum. When the topic we aren't permitted to discuss in this forum subsides, if ever, I'll resume band activities as usual.

Living Dead Drummer

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My practice space is a 24 hour lockout a little less than a mile from my house.
I've got three kits set up, tow of them are miced through pre-amps and mixers, and hooked up for recording sessions. I did a lot of sound modifications to the room in order to create a really solid recording facility. One of those miced kits belongs to another drummer who rents space from me. The third kit is set up just for fun and to shoot videos with.
I also have one whole wall that is floor to ceiling shelving units, housing spare parts, road cases, extra gear, and two of my live kits. The "local club" kit and the "tour" kit.


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I just have half of the spare room, along with a desk, the ironing and some spare furniture.

A friend who is a piano teacher bought two Steinway grands a few years ago and extended his house to make a 30ft by 30ft room to put them in. The pianos were worth more than his house at the time.