Pro Drum - Hollywood, CA.


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I vote Versailles on Venice Blvd.

my god do I miss that place!!!!!
The food at Versailles is amazing.

I stopped going though, because I got tired of always waiting in the long lines they have.
They actually have several locations around town, but at every location the line is out the door waiting for a table.


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I'd love to get the story on that Slingerland Buddy Rich kit.I know Buddy didn't have an endorsement deal with Ludwig anymore,so he was playing whatever he had.At the very end he was playing 50's vintage Radio Kings that were gifted to him.

The reason I'm curious about that kit is,the tom mount is Ludwig,and the splash cymbal arm,is clamped onto the bass drum,and Buddy's were always mounted into the center of the bass drum,on all of his kits,reguardless of who he was endorsing that week.:)

I'd love to visit that place one of these days,but I guess I'll have to make due with Steve Maxwells.

Steve B


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Pro Drum Shop has soul. I've been friends with Stan and Jerry for a long time and there is just something special about walking into their shop and being greeted in the way only Stan and Jerry can greet you. Anytime I'm in LA I'm there. I usually buy something I don't need, but...the fun of the transaction is too much to resist. Every shop has a certain level of magic, but none have the history and ghosts of the drum world like Pro Drum.


Anthony Amodeo

Are we still meeting up at Pro Drum, this weekend?
Im good for this weekend..(well 90% sure anyway)

Im here in LA right now.....was thinking about hitting up the store this afternoon if I get a chance...Id like to go see the boys