Price Check on Yamaha Live Oak Custom

Hi all,
A music store near me is selling a used Yamaha Live Oak Custom Kit with these specs:

- 10, 12, 14, 20, 14 Snare
- Includes full set of hardware and soft shell cases
- very good condition, a few minor scuffs.
- Black Finish

They're asking $999 CAD, which seems very reasonable to me. Almost too reasonable. Any thoughts on this? Good deal? I should be able to get my money back if I decided to sell them, I imagine?

Thanks in advance!


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Those are very nice kits, and that price is really good.

There was a while back when the 10/12/16/22+snare version was selling for $1200 on blowout, but included a free-gift Zildjian K cymbal pack. I know that a number of members took advantage of that deal.