Premier LTD solid maple snare

Just a quick update for those who might be interested.
I have received the drum today and took it apart right away.
The build quality is flawless. Bearing edges perfect. The shell itself is more like a raw to the core type of thing. The finish is very close to natural wood look. The drum came completely out of tune so i crancked the reso up to were my ears liked it and played with the top head till i got it to around 335 on the tune-bot. Sounds great in my apartment) I am going to take it to a rehersal tonight and see how it goes there but for the moment i am very pleased. This is my first maple snare. I love the fact that the throw off could be rotated 180 degrees so it doesn't have to stick out when i place it in my snare bag. The butt plate and the plate attached to the throw off (don't know the word) is designed somewhat like a quick release so i just can pull both sides away and the snare wires come undone. Tube lugs are great. Hoops are triple flanged. All is matte finish. The wires are pretty standart. I think i might swap them for some puresounds from my other snare and see how it performs. All in all i'm very pleased. Will try and get some sound samples for you.


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That's a beaut, great tuning range on it.

Most of their drum vids generally choke the snares when it comes to the high tuning and lose the articulation of the drum.

Anything around what they call medium tuning is in my ballpark, ticks all boxes and you're not losing anything.

Enjoy that bad boy!


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Nice looking snare, congrats! Love the mat finish on the hardware and the tube lugs look GREAT!!! Sounds really nice in those samples too. Have fun playing it!
So i took the drum to our rehearsal place last night. Dropped the tuning on the top head to around 318 and bang!!! That thing sounds spot on like the sound i always pictured in my head!!! I am very impressed so far. Nice crack. Lots of body. Great amount of low end and overall warmth i've been looking for. I did swap the wires for the puresound twisties. Sounds great!