Premier heritage bop Vs Artist birch

Funky Crêpe

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Hey all ! So I'm selling my larger Tama for a smaller bop kit . I have always preferred the 18" bass drums . I'm torn between these two drums .

I found an artist birch made in UK from 2001 for about €450 . 18 , 10 , 12 , 14 , 14x5.

I love the look of the heritage bop . 18 14 12 14x5 . In a beautiful red . It's made in china though and is proving mildly difficult to find . Both 100% birch but the former being Made in England .

Any thoughts ?


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I’d choose whichever finish I preferred, and if that was equal I’d choose the artist birch. Slightly better made shells.
I played one of these years ago and was amazed at the deep sound from a small bass drum.
And I think the Made in England drums will have a better resale value down the track.