Premier Drums


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They make some great drums, but new ones are hard to find in the U.S. right now as they apparently have been having distribution problems. I had what I think was called an Artist Heritage kit (which I think is their mid-range line) a few years ago that had a beautiful finish and a killer brass snare. It was about the equivalent of a Gretsch Renown, I would say. I returned it because it was a closeout and when it arrived, the one box was shredded and one of the drums was damaged. Shame--I really wish I had at least held onto the snare. There's a lot of good vintage Premier stuff out there as well.


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I have the Premier Rock Legend kit in custom silver lacquer finish.
The brass snare is indeed a killer.
If you get the chance to play or better yet buy, GO FOR IT.
The quality is excellent and the sound is fabulous.


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I own a Premier Signia and I love it.

Too bad they long since discontinued that line.

I'm not too sure what to make of them these days. They seem to have abandon the US market. At NAMM they only had one single 5pc kit on display.


I have an early ninetees APK kit hat i've allways really liked the sound of, particularly the bass. Really good value for money on a lower end kit


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The vintage Premier kits are where it's at. If you can score yourself a Resonator or Elite kit from the 70s, or anything made before then, you're golden!

I haven't been impressed by anything that's come from them in the past 30-35 years or so...


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I play a Cabria APK. It's a shame they no longer seem to have much of a foothold in North America because they really are good drums.


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I play vintage 60-is Premier 20x14,12x8,16x16, 3ply birch with beech reinforcement rings and bassdrum is African Mahogany with beech reinforcement rings.
I have compared it with my former Yamaha BCA noveaue and i sold Yamaha because Premier was clear better. I play everething pop,rock,latin,jazz,funk....


ive got a premier series birch classic, its one of the best sounding kits ive played, the tone is beautiful, and it feels really nice to play, it makes me wonder why more people don't buy them.


my main kit i now play is a Premier gen-X kit. I played 6 different sets next to each other and out of the blue the Premier sounded best. I really love the shells as they are a few millimeters smaller than a regular shell and the heads sit much better on them. they never choke. they are worthy looking at if you can find them